What you need to know about toenail fungus!

It's amazing how many folks are coming into the office these days with toenail fungus!

Years ago the average age of a person with fungus nails was usually older. Now with the increasing popularity of nail salons - we're seeing teenagers with fungus.

So here's the scoop on fungus - anyonecan get it and it doesn't mean you are a dirty person. What is does mean is that you've been exposed to fungus and your immune system is not fighting it off. Factors that increase the chances of picking up a fungus and keeping it are:

-Having your feet in hot dark boots all day.
-Having your nails done in a salon.
-Living with a partner who also has a fungus infection.
-Damaging a toenail by dropping something on it.
-Having feet that sweat a lot.
-Hanging out around a swimming pool barefoot.
-Showering at the gym without flip-flops on.
-Sharing grooming tools (like nail files).

Many nail salons are sterilizing their instruments - that is not usually the problem. The issue is with the nail files they use. You cannot sterilize a nail file and they use them over and over again until they need to be trashed. So let's say they file a person's nail that has a fungus and then they work on you.

They file your nail with the contaminatedfile which grinds their fungus right into your healthy nail. Yuck! You're much better off creating your own spa day at home - it will cost you a lot less in the long run - believe me! So what can you do to get rid of these nasty beasts?

Well, oral antifungals are expensive and require you to have blood work drawn. At best they receive around a 70% cure rate, but they can be very hard on your liver and can conflict with many common medications making them pretty risky business.

The Cool Touch Laser that we use in the office is seeing higher cure rates than the oral meds - over 80% without the need for blood work or being concerned about the internal effects of the medication. This has us very excited to say the least! Granted it's not an inexpensive treatment either - but it's a lot healthier!

The key to this treatment is your cooperation.Topical medications must be used in tandem with the laser - along with creating an all-out assault on killing the fungus in your contaminated shoes, shower areas, and on your floors.

Think you might have a fungus?We offer a free consultation to give you the low-down on whether you are a laser candidate or not. So what are you waiting for? Come on in and make an appointment today!