Bunion Surgery Options

If you suffer from bunions, you understand the unfortunate effects they can have on daily life.  Bunions are an uncomfortable and often painful foot deformity that is likely to worsen over time without treatment.  The podiatrists at Tampa Bay Podiatry in Clearwater FL specializes in treatments to reduce bunion discomfort and bunion removal.

What Are Bunions?

Bunions are a common foot deformation that occurs in many people, but especially in women.  They may form due to ill-fitting footwear and can run in families.  Dr. Kussel stresses the importance of choosing footwear that is not too tight or too short for the foot.  High heels or shoes that pinch the toes worsen bunions and should be avoided entirely.

Treatment for bunions varies based on the severity.  There are multiple stages of bunion formation.  However, not all of them require surgery.  Mild bunions can often be managed by wearing good shoes, using a supportive brace, and performing physical therapy exercises.  If the bunion worsens, and the big toe begins to encroach on the other toes, or there is consistent foot pain, surgery options may be discussed.

The primary reason for bunion surgery is to remove the bone deformation and straighten the toe in alignment with the foot.  At Tampa Bay Podiatry in Clearwater FL, a comprehensive plan will be made based on your foot's features.  Depending on the severity of the bunion, the doctor will assess what needs to be done by examining x-rays and discussing the effects on daily life.  He may then recommend surgery options based on his findings, which could include cutting the bone, realigning the toes, and/or repositioning ligaments and tendons.  The most common type of bunion surgery is called an osteotomy, where the surgeon will shave off the excess bone growth and utilize pins and screws to stabilize and realign the big toe permanently.  For more severe cases, arthrodesis may be performed, which is used for bunions caused by arthritis.  The difference between this procedure and the standard osteotomy is that the surgeon removes arthritic joints that are burdening the big toe and causing the bunion.  The same screws and pins are utilized to stabilize the toe.

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Surgery is the most effective way of treating bunions.  With careful post-operative care and lifestyle modifications, there is a life free of foot pain in sight.  If you suffer from bunions and would like to discuss your options for treatment, please call (727) 797-5007 to schedule an initial appointment today.  The team at Tampa Bay Podiatry in Clearwater FL is eager to assist you.