Orthotics for your sandals!


Florida is hot in the summer. Flaming hot! And getting folks to wear orthotics in their sneakers is almost impossible in the searing summer heat.

The biggest complaint folks have is that after an hour or so they feel like their feet are on fire and they have to rip them off their shoes off.

If you have bunions, flat feet, or plantar fasciitis you know that it's imperative that you wear your orthotics - and you know they make your feet feel better - so what's the solution?

Well - leave it to Dr. Kussel and Dr. Rosenthal to find a solutionthat is both fashionable (yes, you know Dr. Sheri loves good looking shoes!) and practical (yes, you know Dr. Kussel wants you to have the proper support for your feet!).

So what if we could take your orthotic prescription and put it into a stylish pairof Birkenstock or Naot sandals?

Well it is possible!Fortunately Birkenstocks come in styles for both men and women and are perfect for letting your feet breathe!

Our laboratory works with these two popular shoe companies and has the ability to replace the normal foot bed with your own custom crafted orthotic!

Now, if you are familiar with both of these companies you know that these shoes last for YEARS if you take good care of them and are well worth the investment in purchasing a pair.

So here are two examples of sandal styles that you can have customized - so make sure you ask us if you can have your own pair made for the summer!